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Snow hike in Feldberg area, Black Forest, Germany

As reported earlier we have not had a very intense winter in terms of snowfall so far. When I heard in the weather forecast that it starts raining tomorrow and the winter may already be over, I decided to take... Continue Reading →


Finally winter arrived in the Black Forest, Germany

In the old days the Black Forest was a region where you had "snow guarantee" every winter. For example in the seventies every winter included a White Christmas. In this decade (2010-2016) we already had four Green Christmas, meaning no... Continue Reading →

Day trip in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture (大理白族自治州), Yunnan – Part Two: Bike ride from Villa Verde near Lake Erhai (洱海), XiangYangXi Village (向阳溪村) and XiaBoPu Cun Village to Dali

After our extended visit of Xizhou (喜州) we slowly got hungry, but the plan was not to have lunch at Xizhou. After we finished the final stops there two horse carts were awaiting us. As I had a quite serious... Continue Reading →

Vietnam, Malaysia & Singapore 2016

As some of you already know, I had a wonderful trip to Vietnam (main destination), Malaysia and Singapore this year. The photo album is already ready, while I hope to find time to post much more about this trip later.... Continue Reading →

My Photo of the Year 2016

Some two weeks ago I asked my readers to vote for the Photo of the Year 2016, so I could have a contribution to the group "Your best shot 2016" at Flickr. A record number of 42 votes were casted... Continue Reading →

Vote for my contribution to the Flickr Photo of the Year (“Your best shot”) 2016

Flickr asked its users to share their best photo taken in 2016 to the group "My best shot". As I have a very hard time choosing only one, I started my old tradition again and let you vote for my photo... Continue Reading →

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