Day trip in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture (大理白族自治州), Yunnan – Part One: Market in Xizhou (喜州) Village

During our stay in the Dali area, we stayed in Dali City mostly to sleep only – spending relatively little time in the city itself. Our group followed the advice of our tour leader to make a day trip through Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, which he said offers more variety than staying in town all day long. Sunny – a member of the indigenous Bai ethnicity – was the local guide who showed us some places off the beaten track and some memorable experiences.

Temple ceremony by elderly women in XiaBoPu Cun Village - Bike ride along Lake Erhai (洱海), Yunnan, China

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Book review – Green Island: A Novel

Green Island: A NovelGreen Island: A Novel by Shawna Yang Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One of the best books I read recently. Maybe one could label it as the “novel of Taiwan”?
I stumbled across it at an airport bookstore as I forgot to take a book with me from home.

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Dali (大理市) – Yunnan

Dali was the first stop of our round trip through Yunnan after leaving Kunming. Dali is located some 350 kilometres Northwest of Kunming, which means a four to five hour bus ride or a five to eight hour train journey. As described in my last post we took the bus and I would very much recommend it to you as well – unless you want to travel overnight. For overnight travel the train is very good option and it obviously saves you another night in a hostel or hotel. Please take in mind that most busses serve Kunming and Xiaguan, a bigger city 20 kilometres South of it. From there you usually need a minibus or a taxi to Dali. Xiaguan itself does not offer any highlights, but maybe worth a thought if there only expensive beds left in Dali.

Exploring Dali (大理古城), Yunnan, China

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