I got inspired to do an annual photo of the year voting through a post on Google+. Of course I’m not a professional photographer and my photos might pretty shallow in the eyes of some, but nevertheless I liked the idea of others voting on what photo they like best. Of course I kind of know which photos I like best (by making a choice which I put up for voting here), but maybe you vote for one that hardly made my cut?

I got my first digital camera (a 3MegaCam) back in 2003 and back then digital photos were a big sensation even if quality was pretty bad. From 2003 to 2005 I took mostly personal “photoalbum” shots which I don’t put up for voting here – and which are also not visible here.

In 2005 when my job situation got stable the first thing to do was to buy a better camera (Kodak LS753 Zoom) and start travelling. The arguably best shots from that first trip to Poland and Lithuania are coming up here. So the voting starts with the year 2005. More to follow!
I’m happy if you take some time to vote and say thank you in advance.

Photo 1 “Horse on a meadow”

Photo 2 “St. Mergeles Marijos in Druskininkai”

Photo 3 “Village house in Liskiava”
Photo 4 “Nemunas River”

Photo 5 “Kaunas Archcathedral Basilica”

Photo 6 “Apple pie at Cafe Jums”

Photo 7 “Park of Bialystok Castle”

Photo 8 “Swamp near Zalew Siemianówka”

Photo 9 “Zalew Siemanówka”