It has been some months since I asked my readers to vote for the Photo of the Year 2005. After a pretty rough spring I’m finally able to give you the results.

The clear winner collecting over 50 % of the votes is a photo taken in Poland, Podlaskie region, near the border to Belarus, showing the lake Zalew Siemanówka, which might be a hidden secret for most foreigners. I’d never discovered it without my local friend Marcin guiding me there:

Z a l e w   S i e m a n ó w k a   (Podlaskie Region, Poland)

Here two maps with the location of  Zalew Siemanówka (please click for a bigger version)


Two photos of churches taken in Lithuania share second place:

St. Mergeles Marijos in Druskininkai               Kaunas Archcathedral Basilica

Please stay tuned for the photo of the year 2006 voting (there was more travelling than in 2005).