Soon it’s travel time again and I planned my second trip to Taiwan. I really liked it a lot there back in 2012, but as I had too many stops I was kind of limited to explore all I wanted.

Therefore I focus on only four or five “bases” this time. From these bases I plan day trips, hikes and bike tours. As I only spent little time in the South of Taiwan last time, three of my bases are going to be there. In Southern Taiwan weather should also be better than for example in the North East of the country.

My planned overnight stays are in

  • Taipei (臺北市)
  • Taitung (臺東市)
  • Kaohsiung (高雄市)
  • Hengchun (恆春)
  • one more destination to be determined later


If you want to follow my trip, please take a look on my Google+ or Twitter account – of visit my Flickr page after my return in december. Or just take a look at the photo album of my first trip to Taiwan.