After getting some good feedback on the Photo of the Year 2005, I decided it’s time to do a new vote. This time you are invited to vote on the Photo of the Year 2006.

2006 continued the 2005 trend – with me continuing to travel. Again I did not leave Europe, but I did two trips outside my home country. Most if not all photos on this vote were taken with the Kodak LS753 Zoom (the second digital camera I owned).

I’m happy if you take some time to vote and say thank you in advance. You have up to three votes!

Photo 1 “Pavia Santa Maria del Carmine, Italy”

Photo 2 “Gulf of Naples and Vesuv, Italy”

Photo 3 “Vetlefjord – Fjærlandsfjord, Balestrand, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway”

Photo 4 “Tromsøysund – Tromsdalstind – Fløy, Tromsø Troms, Norway”

Photo 5 “Midnightsun at Lakstindsstranda – Tromsø, Troms, Norway”

Photo 6 “Sunflower – The End of Summer”

Photo 7 “Swiss Alps seen from Herzogenhorn, Black Forest, Germany”

Photo 8 “Kirnbergsee Dam covered in ice, Black Forest. Germany”

Photo 9 “Radolfzell Minster, Lack of Constance, Germany”