It has been a year since I asked my readers to vote for the Photo of the Year 2006. And I’m finally ready to give you the results.

After some 24 votes were casted, the winner collecting seven votes is a photo taken Norway, Sogn og Fjordane region, showing the Vetlefjord. Vetlefjord is a sidearm of the mighty Sognefjord and I’m there more or less every year once for business.

V e t l e f j o r d   (Balestrand, Sogn og Fjordane region, Norway)

Two maps showing where this photo of Vetlefjord was taken (please click for a bigger version)

A photo of a sunflower in autumn near my family home came second, while a shot of the Midnightsun at Lakstindsstranda – Tromsø, Troms Region, Norway – came third:

The End of Summer
Midnightsun at Lakstindsstranda


Please stay tuned for more photo of the year voting and hopefully some actual travel posts.