In the old days the Black Forest was a region where you had “snow guarantee” every winter. For example in the seventies every winter included a White Christmas. In this decade (2010-2016) we already had four Green Christmas, meaning no snow on the 24th of December. This winter has also been a very dry one. We got some light snow in november, which was quickly gone again and after that we got a spell of very cold weather.

Even the big lake Titisee started to get some ice cover and the smaller “ice pond” was used for skating even before Christmas for the first time since I’m living here. But there was virtually no precipitation, so even places in the Alps had no or very little snow. In the second week of this year thinks finally changed and we got some snow last weekend. But last night we were hit by a big wave of snowfall and as a snowloving person I’m feeling like in paradise now. The landscape is covered in snow and you can do various activities. Hiking in the snow (like I did), snowshoe walking, cross-country skiing, sledging downhill and various types of alpine skiing or snowboarding. For those who just like to enjoy passively, there are horse carts through the winter wonderland.

Finally Winter - Hinterzarten, Black Forest, Baden, Germany

Please click on the photo above to get some more impressions how it looks today in Titisee and Hinterzarten. The roads are a bit tricky to drive on right now, but trains go on schedule, if you plan a spontaneous visit.