As reported earlier we have not had a very intense winter in terms of snowfall so far. When I heard in the weather forecast that it starts raining tomorrow and the winter may already be over, I decided to take a day off and head to the highest mountain of our state: Feldberg

There was a weather warning for today that included high winds, snow/rain and the danger of flooding. As I’m a native of the Black Forest I usually know if I can take the risk of heading to the mountains or if I better stay home. Therefore I abandoned my original plan to hike from Notschrei to Feldberg (in winter this route is mostly deserted of people if weather is bad). I opted to take a 10K round in Feldberg area instead.


I left the bus at Feldberger Hof and starting hiking to Feldberg Pass. I had some thoughts about hiking up Grafenmatt, but that hillside is in winter all skiing and therefore off limits for normal hikers. Therefore I opted for a nice path opposite the pass, which is in summer a mountainbike trail. It took me some 45 minutes to reach the so called Feldbergturm (Feldberg Tower – even if it is located at the slightly lower Seebuck). From here I had some stunning views; for example down to Upper Wiesental, a valley shaped by a glacier:

View of Upper Wiesental - Winter hike in Feldberg area, Black Forest, Baden, Germany

From the tower I could already see that the forecasted snowstorm was coming and it was quickly approaching with very dark clouds and increasing wind speeds.

Feldbergturm views - Winter hike in Feldberg area, Black Forest, Baden, Germany

When I was closing in the 1.492 metres high Feldberg summit wind was blowing at gusts up to 90 km/h and bullets of icy snow were hitting my face. It was a wonderful feeling, but surely such weather is not suited for everyone. I advised some non-local tourists to turn back as it can be very tricky to find the right path in weather like this. Maybe you get an impression when watching this short video I took:

Due to the high winds I also abandoned my plan to climb down to Todtnauer Hütte as I didn’t want to take any risks. So I went back the same path and took some more photos. Please click on this photo to see the rest of the album:

Winter hike in Feldberg area, Black Forest, Baden, Germany