Travelling Panda was born in 1977 in the Southern part of Central Europe. The first two decades he spent roaming through the Alps, which are not more than two to three hours away from his home.

His maiden trip on his own led him to Norway in 1997. During his years at university, more trips – including studying one year abroad -, to Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, France, and Italy followed. Europe remained his primary travel focus after he started working full time.

In December 2008, Travelling Panda set sail for his first long-distance trip, – even surprising for him as he was never too fond of flying until then -. The destinations were Singapore and Malaysia. That trip marked the beginning of a new era:

Panda’s curiosity for (Eastern) Asia was born, and the desire to explore far away cultures and countries in general. Long flights and travel to “unknown” countries were no longer an issue.

Travelling Panda is an individual traveler usually roaming on his own; he’s neither a classical backpacker calling hostels his second home nor someone jumping from one 5-star resort to another. He usually doesn’t join large guided groups for more than a day or two as he usually plans everything on his own, using public transport. To prepare his trips, Travelling Panda reads among others travel blogs. Reading these blogs (inspiring ones are linked at the blogroll) was the inspiration to start a travel/photo blog on his own. His aim is not to have a perfect masterpiece, but to provide others with useful information, share highlights from his trips and maybe inspire people to travel and explore on their own.
In addition there will be all kind of reviews, primarily on books and films.

As you might have realized by now – The mother tongue of Travelling Panda is not English as he never lived or studied in an English speaking country. He tries to write as good and correct as he can, but there will be mistakes.

Photos shown on this blog are protected by copyright and not permitted to be published without my consent. Please contact me if you want to use them further or re-publish them.