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Day trip in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture (大理白族自治州), Yunnan – Part Two: Bike ride from Villa Verde near Lake Erhai (洱海), XiangYangXi Village (向阳溪村) and XiaBoPu Cun Village to Dali

After our extended visit of Xizhou (喜州) we slowly got hungry, but the plan was not to have lunch at Xizhou. After we finished the final stops there two horse carts were awaiting us. As I had a quite serious... Continue Reading →


Vietnam, Malaysia & Singapore 2016

As some of you already know, I had a wonderful trip to Vietnam (main destination), Malaysia and Singapore this year. The photo album is already ready, while I hope to find time to post much more about this trip later.... Continue Reading →

My Photo of the Year 2016

Some two weeks ago I asked my readers to vote for the Photo of the Year 2016, so I could have a contribution to the group "Your best shot 2016" at Flickr. A record number of 42 votes were casted... Continue Reading →

Day trip in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture (大理白族自治州), Yunnan – Part One: Market in Xizhou (喜州) Village

During our stay in the Dali area, we stayed in Dali City mostly to sleep only - spending relatively little time in the city itself. Our group followed the advice of our tour leader to make a day trip through... Continue Reading →

Dali (大理市) – Yunnan

Dali was the first stop of our round trip through Yunnan after leaving Kunming. Dali is located some 350 kilometres Northwest of Kunming, which means a four to five hour bus ride or a five to eight hour train journey. As... Continue Reading →

Travelling to and from Kunming (昆明市)

As mentioned in earlier posts Kunming is the main transportation hub for Yunnan province. Therefore you are most likely going to enter Yunnan from Kunming - at least if you are an international visitor arriving by plane. Kunming International Airport... Continue Reading →

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