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Day trip in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture (大理白族自治州), Yunnan – Part One: Market in Xizhou (喜州) Village

During our stay in the Dali area, we stayed in Dali City mostly to sleep only - spending relatively little time in the city itself. Our group followed the advice of our tour leader to make a day trip through... Continue Reading →


Book review – Green Island: A Novel

Green Island: A Novel by Shawna Yang Ryan My rating: 5 of 5 stars One of the best books I read recently. Maybe one could label it as the "novel of Taiwan"? I stumbled across it at an airport bookstore... Continue Reading →

Dali (大理市) – Yunnan

Dali was the first stop of our round trip through Yunnan after leaving Kunming. Dali is located some 350 kilometres Northwest of Kunming, which means a four to five hour bus ride or a five to eight hour train journey. As... Continue Reading →

Travelling to and from Kunming (昆明市)

As mentioned in earlier posts Kunming is the main transportation hub for Yunnan province. Therefore you are most likely going to enter Yunnan from Kunming - at least if you are an international visitor arriving by plane. Kunming International Airport... Continue Reading →

My Kunming (昆明市) Highlights

As mentioned in my last post Kunming (at least the city centre) is not that deep with sights. The city is obviously a great transportation hub for exploring Yunnan further - and for many Yunnan visitors it is just that. But... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Kunming (昆明市) – Gateway to Yunnan

Kunming was the first city in Mainland China I visited (stopover at Beijing Airport doesn't count). It was the starting and end point of my round trip through Yunnan with G adventures. Before planning this trip I knew very little... Continue Reading →

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