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Travelling to and from Kunming (昆明市)

As mentioned in earlier posts Kunming is the main transportation hub for Yunnan province. Therefore you are most likely going to enter Yunnan from Kunming - at least if you are an international visitor arriving by plane. Kunming International Airport... Continue Reading →


My Kunming (昆明市) Highlights

As mentioned in my last post Kunming (at least the city centre) is not that deep with sights. The city is obviously a great transportation hub for exploring Yunnan further - and for many Yunnan visitors it is just that. But... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Kunming (昆明市) – Gateway to Yunnan

Kunming was the first city in Mainland China I visited (stopover at Beijing Airport doesn't count). It was the starting and end point of my round trip through Yunnan with G adventures. Before planning this trip I knew very little... Continue Reading →

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